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Do you want to know where to
dive and snorkel on Maui without
wasting all day driving around?

Do you want to pay
piles of cash for a boat ride to
take you to spots you can
simply drive to?

You've spent a small fortune
to get to Maui, so why waste time
and money looking for decent dive sites?
Chuck Thorne has spent 30 years
exploring the waters surrounding Maui
and is giving you 50 of the
best dive and snorkel sites
on a silver platter!

Divemaster Chuck Thorne has spent over 30 years diving the waters surrounding Maui and has compiled over 50 of his favorite locations in this 80 page softcover book. The following information is provided for each of  the sites:

Activity (Scuba and/or Snorkel)
Skill Level
Transportation to site
Detailed, full page map
When (best season for diving)
Where to dive
What to expect
Photo of site
Also included:
Overall map of Maui showing each of the sites
Phone numbers for Emergency, Weather, and General Interest Information
Abstract of Laws and Rules regarding the taking of marine life
List of Hawaiin Fishes
Description of Hawaiian Weather Patterns and Their Effect on Shore Diving
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To order this comprehensive dive guide:

Please send check or money order, payable to Chuck Thorne, for $13.95 ($11.95 + $2.00 S&H) to:

Maui Dive Guide

PO Box 40

Hana, HI   96713
(808) 248-7308

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